Khasab visa change Dubai . Renew your UAE visa travelling to Oman and will be back the same day by bus.

Khasab Visa Change by road


Khasab same day Visa Change:

Khasab is a small town in  Oman along the border with the UAE. This makes it the perfect place for visa change from Dubai.

The Kasab same day visa change is meant for individuals renewing their existing UAE  tourist visa. We will send you to Khasab by bus and you will be back on the same day with a new UAE tourist visa.


Return transportation by Bus  |  Oman visa | Express UAE visa ( 30 / 90 days )   |  Free stay at hotel during day time

Contact details

Phone – 04-238-1777 / 058-161-3372

Kabayan – 058-161-3378


Visa in hand: AED 320

30 days package: AED 600*

90 days package:AED 999*


Kasab visa change : The details

This package is widely used by most of the nationalities for renewing their UAE tourist visa. The package has to be availed a few days before your last day as we have to apply for your Oman visa which will take 1-2 working days.
Once the Oman visa is issued we will arrange your transport to Khasab by bus. The new UAE visa will be issued same day and return can be planned accordingly. In rare cases if the visa goes to security or blacklist check, the passengers will be able to stay in Hotel with an additional cost of AED 50.
During the day we can also explore the beauty of Khasab by trying our water bus which travels both on land and water. Our package includes 10 days Oman visa, Land transfers, Uae visa (30/90 days) and daytime hotel. Khasab border to border visa renewal is widely used by most of the nationalities these day. This also gives them a chance to visit khasab which has a beautiful fjords and is created by rock stretched claw-like into the sea. These factors makes Khasab one of the most attractive places for visa change by road.

Additional Aed 35 has to been paid by costumer as border fees.

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