Visa change inside UAE without exiting the country


Extend your visa without exiting the country with our new visa change inside country package. Why go through the tedious process of exiting the country and coming back when you can change the status without exiting the country. No more waiting in airport for long hours or travelling to Oman by Bus. Now Seaman Tours have introduced the new visa extension inside country package. Both 30 days and 90 days package are available at affordable price. The applicant should submit their documents 2-3 days prior to their last day. This can be done sitting at home. The applicant will not need to exit outside country. As per the new rules UAE immigration has temporary stopped issuing new tourist visas from 17/03/2020 as a result of Covid 19 virus spread.

Visa extension or visa change will be possible for tourist who are already inside UAE. Tourist/Visit visa holder can extend visa without exiting. As Airport to airport and Oman visa change by bus is also not possible during this point of time. Seaman Tours will be providing visa change without exit for tourist visa holders and for on arrival nationalities. On arrival Nationalities can avail pre-approved UAE tourist visas. Please talk to our visa expert for more information. 

Even applicants on cancelled employment visa can apply for this package. All tourist visas which are expired after March has been extended till December 31st 2020, but we always advice costumers to check their validity by using . As per the information we have, cancelled employment visas has not been extended and they will have to either exit to home country or do visa change to tourist visa. For more information please contact our agent who will brief you the same.


30 days inside country visa change

AED 1,899

This can be done sitting at home. The applicant will not need to exit outside country. Visa extension will be possible for tourist who are already inside UAE. Tourist/Visit visa holder can extend visa for another 30 days without exiting

90 days inside country visa change

AED 2,200

Visa extension or visa change will be possible for tourist who are already inside UAE. Tourist/Visit visa holder can extend visa for another 90 days without exiting. The applicant will not need to exit country. The most easiest way of extending your visa.

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FAQ's about inside country visa change in UAE

Can On arrival Nationalities apply for Visa change?

Yes, it possible for on arrival nationalities to avail this package. We will be providing new tourist visa and change status. Please check with our travel expert for more information. You can reach us on 056-375-6533

How can I extend or avail new tourist visa as my last date is approaching?

Tourist visa holders can now extend or change your current UAE tourist visa/visit visa to new without exit. This can be done 2-3 days prior your last day. We will provide with new 30 or 90 days and changing status to the new visa. This make tourist extend their visa sitting at home.

Is it possible to avail this package when I am on cancelled employment?

Yes, Its possible to avail this package for applicants who are in cancelled employment. We will be providing you new tourist visa and change status from cancelled employment to tourist visa without exiting the country. We would require your old residence visa copy which is cancelled to process the Inside country visa change.

How many days will the process take?

The whole process take 3-4 working days. In some cases when the visa validity date is on the edge, we can provide in urgent cases within 1-2 days. Please talk to our travel experts for more detailed information

Can I extend my visa when I am on overstay?

We will never recommend applicants to overstay in any kind of visa. In rare cases if you overstay in tourist visa, cancelled visa or on your on arrival visa will can change your visa to tourist and once immigration issues your visa we will proceed change status, provided your liable to pay the fines issued by immigration for your overstay.

What is Visa change inside country without exit?

Visa change inside country is a process of extending your current tourist or cancelled employment visa to new tourist visa without exiting UAE. This is the most easiest and convenient process for changing or extending UAE visa.

Is there any hidden charges?

There is no hidden charges apart from mentioned price. The price may vary for certain nationalities. The mentioned price is for most of the nationalities. Please check with our agents to get an update.

I am in cancelled employment visa can I avail this?

Yes, Its possible to avail visa change inside country for cancelled employment visa. We would require your cancelled visa paper to know when is your last day. We would also like to know if there is any immigration ban on your previous visa.

Is there cheaper option than this?

We have airport to airport visa change (A2A visa change) or Oman visa change by bus as cheaper options. Visa change inside country was widely used for elderly or applicants who wish not to travel by airport and wait hours in airport or travel by bus for long hours.

Should I visit office for processing the same?

Its not mandatory to visit our office. You can either send us documents by email or whatsapp. Once our agent confirm the documents are in proper and its good to go ahead, you can either make the payment through bank transfer to our company account or pay using credit card or debit card as we can send you the link for payment.

What if my visa gets rejected?

Visa change inside country rarely gets rejected, but in very rare cases if there is a rejection due to security or any other reasons, a partial refund is possible. Please check with the agents as to confirm the amount.

How many days will it take to get my visa?

Visa change inside country takes 2-3 days for processing.  If its a urgent requirement we can process the visa in express basis. Once visa is approved we will send it to you and depending your last day in your previous visa we will process the status change.

What is status change?

Status change is the process when we change from old tourist visa or employment to new tourist visa. As in this process once we deliver you the new tourist visa doesn’t mean that you have current in the new visa. Only once we process status change you will be considered to be under the new visa.